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Speed Mousepad


43,00 $

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Introducing the Speed  Esport Mousepad, a masterful blend of Sand & Resin, meticulously crafted to provide an unparalleled low-friction surface.

This innovative design ensures rapid and ultra-smooth mouse movements, becoming an indispensable tool for fast-paced gaming or those critical quick-fire tasks.

Mightysetups is your ultimate destination for premium gaming deskmats that elevate your gaming experience to the next level.

Our carefully curated selection features only the finest materials to ensure optimal mouse movement and durability.


Dimensions: 450x400x4 & 900x400x4
Edges: Stitched Edges
Texture: Fine Sand & Resin surface
Bottom: Non-slip rubber
Waterproof: No

Care instructions


Addressing Mouse Pad Curling

Curling often occurs in mouse pads that have been tightly rolled for packaging. To remedy this, here are some steps:

  • Use a hairdryer or iron to gently apply heat to the curled areas of the mouse pad. Remember to avoid excessive heat; a medium setting is ideal.

  • Place a protective layer, such as a cloth, over the mouse pad before ironing.

  • Iron both sides of the mouse pad as you would with garments, ensuring that steam is being emitted from the iron.

  • Monitor the mouse pad’s flattening progress and repeat the process as necessary.


These steps should be undertaken based on individual judgment. We do not hold responsibility for any potential damage.

Enhancing mousepad stability

For optimal use of your gaming mouse pad:

  • Clean your desk to eliminate dust, which ensures the mouse pad lays flat and stable.
  • To improve the grip of the mouse pad, lightly moisten a cloth and wipe the pad’s bottom. This enhances the pad’s grip, preventing unwanted movement.
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning can significantly enhance the pad’s grip and overall functionality.